• Kris Happe, M.Ed.

Gifted Kid? Ok...Brace yourself.

Advice off the top of my head, from my experience in educational trenches.

1. You are not crazy.

2. No, your kid is not normal--strike that, 'typical.'

3. Teachers will not see what you see- usually.

4. Gifted parents have rarely (less than 5% of the time)been wrong about their child's giftedness.

5. Classroom teachers frequently (at least 25% of the time) misread, just miss or mislabel gifted children. Often educators fail to see the whole picture regarding how the giftedness is impacting areas other than academics for gifted students.

6. Find an advocate who 'gets' and has experience working with gifted children. Settle for someone who has one of the above, if someone with both isn't available.

7. Teach them MANNERS and give them regular chores at home. This is not advice, this is an order. A Mrs. Happe Order. Just do it. Oh... please, just do it.

8. Your kid doesn't need to be challenged every minute of every day. They need to breathe too. Sometimes you need to tell them to breathe. Sometimes... you are they one who may need to take a deep breath too.

9. Yes, they will make more sense and sound more mature than you feel sometimes. You are the adult~ really. Because I said so.

10. Do not continually tell your child how smart, special and advanced they are. So much pressure. My god. What if your boss continually praised you like that... no thank you.

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